About Us

About Us

Tom and Diane Madden, Founders of Madden & Associates

Over 35 years ago in a small home office, my wife, Diane, and I founded a business that would ultimately become our legacy. I was given the opportunity to be a pioneer in promoting sales for emergency lighting equipment in the public safety market. This was uncharted territory in the Southeast, and it was intimidating for me. I had many days of travel and nights away from home driving hundreds of miles every week. In my travels, I discovered I had the uncanny ability to connect with people. When I called on customers, I strived to establish a trusting relationship, listen to their concerns, and ultimately help solve their issues.

Diane and I believe the success of our company was built upon our founding principles, which are integrity, respect, and commitment. These principles helped establish our company’s foundation and it has currently grown to employ about 20 employees. It is clear to us our employees are the heart of the company. Together, we all work collectively to develop strong customer relationships, established product distribution, and educate the end users in our territory.

Diane and I have retired from the business. Our beginnings were humble, but the business has grown far beyond our expectations. We are proud of the company we founded, its employees, its legacy, and its continued prosperity for the future.

Tom Madden, Founder & Owner

Our History


Whelen Engineering offers Tom a job position as a manufacturer’s regional sales representative for seven different states in the Southeast. He establishes outstanding public safety relationships and develops a strong customer base in the public safety market.


Thomas J. Madden & Associates, Inc. is officially established as a business. At this point in time, Tom works out of a small home office space in Stone Mountain, Ga.


Tom and his wife Diane move to Lawrenceville, Ga. Together, they work for Thomas J. Madden & Associates out of a tiny room in their basement. As the business expands, Tom hires two new salesmen to help cover and build up the Southeast territory.


Thomas J. Madden & Associates expanded their product offerings by adding Havis and Progard as their newest manufacturing partners.


To accommodate the growth of the business, Tom and Diane rent a large office off of Cruse Road in Lawrenceville, Ga. The new space provides room for additional salesmen, technicians, and administrators, as well as product installations and warehouse space for inventory.


Tom and Diane decide to invest in some property in Braselton, Georgia. They construct a large building complex, which became the new home for Thomas J. Madden & Associates. This building continues to be the main office space for Madden & Associates, Inc.


Tom & Diane have laid the foundation of an incredible business and have grown it into a legacy for their loyal family & employees who continue to run Madden & Associates, Inc. with Diane and Tom’s core principles in mind.